Episode 010 - Tricks & Treats

Episode 10 of The Nose Knows rings in the first ever Halloween Extravaganza! We get spooky with tales of axe murders and transporting dead bodies, but not before debating the history of every Rocky movie. Obviously. Jon and Brent also duke it out in a game to create the best design agency using only famous movie monsters. But not the ones you think.

Brand by Hand events.

Wooden Sleepers, November 1 Brooklyn

AIGA Charlotte, November 15 Charlotte NC

Monster Agency 2018


A ouija board - Creative director

The Blair Witch - Art director

Countess Vampire - Producer

Black Phillip - Strategist

Electric Gremlin - Project manager

Johnny Depp The Secret Window - Copywriter

The Jersey Devil - Graphic designer

Slender Man - Motion designer

Lawnmower Man - Web/app developer

Slimer - Intern


Pennywise (IT) - Creative director

Patrick Swayze - Art director

Bud - Producer

Shrek - Strategist

Patrick Bateman - Project manager

Krampus - Copywriter

Big foot - Graphic designer

Kitty - Motion designer

The Nun - Web/app developer

Chucky - Intern


Episode 009 - True ‘Til Death with Joseph DiMaggio

In Episode 9 of The Nose Knows, we meet Jon's longtime friend and world-renowned master sessions stylist, Joseph DiMaggio. We discuss insane schedules while traveling the globe, making sacrifices to achieve...things, buying chicken strips from 6ix9ine, and so much more as we realize that we're all kind of the same even though we lead much different lives.

Brand by Hand events.

AIGA Parsons, October 25 NYC

Wooden Sleepers, November 1 Brooklyn

AIGA Charlotte, November 15 Charlotte NC


Brent haircuts